Chestnut Ridge Technologies, Inc. (CRT) is an electronic design and consulting firm offering a combination of electronic and economic expertise,  primarily focused on the creation, improvement or extension of products with substantial electronic content.   

We provide effective solutions by combining inquiry and imagination with knowledge and experience.

Participating as the electronic design partner in your product development, CRT can

  • Rapidly evaluate core concepts for new product ideas
  • Provide electronic circuit design, evaluation, and alteration
  • Enhance existing products by modernizing, redesigning, refinement
  • Improve product economics by increasing yields, decreasing material and labor
  • Extend product lifetimes by feature additions
  • Enable continued production in the face of component obsolescence
  • Assist in trouble-shooting with problems in hardware design and/or software.

Contact Information

     20 Prospect Avenue
     Randolph, Vermont 05060
     General Information: info@chestnuttech.com